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Murvy Busker
(801) 494-7570

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I love to sew, paint, and create home decorations, but even more than these -
I love to save money!

When I was having my first child I looked everywhere for a nice crib bedding set for a reasonable price. What I found were sets with an average of only 4-6 pieces with a price range between $300 - $700!!
To me that was way too much, so I decided to make my own set.

Since then I've been making them for old friends as well as new friends I've met from recommendations and word-of-mouth. I have enjoyed working with, and for, everyone of them as they prepare for the same joyful experience I went through.

Here, you are not paying the high prices of brand name products. Rrather I am offering a fair price for something just as good. I do my best to make a quality product that looks nice & modern. When you buy my merchandise you are getting a nice, new and superior grade product.

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